In October 2017, 3D-Secure Standard version 2.0 was released, developed in collaboration between the PCI Security Standards Council and EMVCo. The technical specification was provided by EMVCo while the Council summarized the standard security and audit requirements in the PCI 3DS Core and SDK Security Standard documents.

Based on MasterCard's mandate, by 1 September 2019 all issuers, acquirers and their e-commerce merchants must implement 3D-Secure version 2.0.

AperSky Consulting Llc. - currently as the only Hungarian company - can provide full 3DS services with two PCI 3DS certified auditors, which includes the following areas:

3DS Preparation

  • Preparation and scoping activities
  • Consultancy on infrastructure design
  • Audit preparation

3DS Implementation

  • 3DS consultancy and documentation support
  • 3DS training for relevant parties

3DS Vulnerability Assessments

  • Official ASV scans in cooperation with Qualys, as our partner
  • Internal vulnerability scans
  • Web application vulnerability scans
  • Penetration tests

PCI 3DS assessments

  • Official PCI 3DS assessment
  • Completion of 3DS Report on Compliance (3DS ROC) and Attestation of Compliance (3DS AOC) documents
In case of interest about our 3DS services, please contact us please contact us for a customer-tailored proposal!

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