PCI CPSA - Card Production Security Assessor

In June 2022, the Card Prouduction Security Assessor physical and logical standards version 3.0.1 were released by the PCI Council, summarizing security requirements for vendors involved in payment card production.

The scope of the standard pertains to all organizations involved in any phases of the payment card production process, including card manufacturing, EMV pre-personalization, data preparation, contact, NFC, mobile or HCE provisioning based personalization, fulfillment and PIN mailer production.

From 2020 the CPSA (Card Production Security Assessor) program introduced by the PCI Council is replacing the former Vendor audit program by the card organisations, thus transferring responsibility for card production security asessments to CPSA certified companies.

AperSky Consulting Llc. - currently as the only Hungarian company - provides full range CPSA physical and logical security services with two PCI CPSA certified auditors, which include the following areas:

CPSA Preparation

  • Preparation and scoping activities
  • Consultancy on infrastructure design
  • Audit preparation

CPSA Implementation support

  • CPSA consultancy and documentation support
  • CPSA training for relevant parties

PCI CPSA assessments

  • PCI CPSA official physical assessment
  • PCI CPSA official logical assessment
  • Completion of QPA Report on Compliance és Attestation of Compliance documents
In case of interest about our CPSA services, please contact us please contact us for a customer-tailored proposal!

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